Dear Councillor

There will be a meeting of Llanfrynach Community Council on Thursday 22nd July 2021 at 7.30pm at Groesffordd Village Hall.


You are summoned to attend as the following business is to be discussed:

Sue Dale

Clerk - Sunday 18 July 2021


Apologies for Absence

  1. Declarations of Interest

  2. Public Participation - provision for members of the public wishing to take part

  3. Minutes from previous meeting

  4. Matters arising from the minutes

  5. Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall and Ty Bach update

  6. Groesffordd Village Hall update

  7. Planning Applications – 21/20162/FUL, Ty Mawr. Extension.

  8. Powys County Council Matters

  9. The insurance cover will be renewed with Zurich Municipal at £530.11.

  10. Cheques, budget v actuals and bank reconciliation for approval.

    - 01/07/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

    - 01/08/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

    - 01/09/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

    - 01/10/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

    - 20/04/2021 Insurance, Zurich Municipal £530.111

    - 22/07/2021 Reimbursement for Lechfaen Well materials £15.00

  11. Confirmation of an electronic decision to award the Groesffordd grass cutting and hedge maintenance contract to Mr S. Morris the only tender. The total value of the contract is £1080 including VAT.

  12. Llanfrynach grass cutting contract. Total value of the contract £550 including VAT. The original and only contractor decided to give up the contract, the Groesffordd contractor had availability and could start mid-season. Subject to councils confirmation.

  13. Item concerning herbicide spraying via the County Councillor.

  14. To consider reducing the total number of meetings in a year. To be discussed and action agreed.

  15. To consider a submission to the Ombudsman about the County Councillor.

  16. To consider a response to the County Councillor's complaint, about the Clerk dated 1/7/21.

  17. To consider an accompanied annual inspection from Wicksteed (£86.00 plus VAT).

  18. Correspondence - Email about herbicide spraying (item 13).

  19. Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only)

  20. Date of next meeting is 14th October 2021.

1Approval only