Llechfaen consists of three farms and approximately 24 houses containing a population of about 55 people.The Village once boasted a Chapel, Post Office and Telephone Kiosk but now, unfortunately, only a Post Box remains.

The village is the site of a well associated with St Eluned, an early Christian convert in the 11th century. She sought refuge in the area after being persecuted for her beliefs, finally finding protection at Slwch Tump from a local lord. The well and trough was renovated in 1997 by the Village community with assistance from some Groesffordd residents many of whom had lived in Llechfaen moving only when Council houses were built in Groesffordd.  Monies for the reconstruction of the Well were raised with the help of the Princes Trust, Welsh Water, the Coop and others. Until circa 1740 Upper Farm was also the site of a church.

The village is popular with ramblers due to the number of Rights of Way and footpaths in the vicinity.