Our community is home to about 60 residents.  Llanhamlach comprises a village of 16 houses, pub, hotel and church spread out along the line of the A40 and the River Usk together with outlying farms, houses and a mill.   The village has fine views looking south west to the Beacons.

The main road follows the line of Roman road and later drovers road.   Llanhamlach Church is a popular place for worship, weddings or simply a visit.   It sits close to Peterstone Court hotel overlooking the river on a site that dates back to Celtic times.  The church has a 15th century tower and is noted for its early Moridic stone and the Victorian mural of angels.  The ‘Peterstone’ itself is an ancient road marker on the north side of the village.

The Old Ford Inn was a stopping place for drovers taking cattle to the markets of England.  The ford itself used to provide a crossing on the River Usk to the village of Pencelli but the river is too deep now to cross.  There is a neolithic chambered tomb – Ty Illtud – on the overlooking hill.