A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 14th October 2021 at 7.30pm at Llanfrynach & Cantref Community Hall.


Ms Jackie Williams JW Mr Charles De Winton CdeW(Chairperson)

Kate Coton Wright KCW Mr Ray Powell RP

Mr Jason Palmer JP Mr Gary Watkins GW


In attendance: Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD.

Welcome All.

Apologies: IM, TP

1.Declarations of Interest. None

2.Public Participation None

3.Minutes of the last meetings The minutes of the extraordinary meeting on the 30th June 2021 and the meeting of 22nd July 2021 were approved and signed.

4.Matters Arising None

5.Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach The hall is open and has had bookings from the quilters, the bridge club, the runners and florists. The windows have been done, the management committee are waiting on the builder. The redecorating must wait until the building work is complete. Ty Bach may qualify for a grant from Powys County Council. Solar panels are to be discussed by the hall committee. It was reported that the Sports day was successful even though it rained!

6.Groesffordd Village Hall Management Options on the extension or some other solution to the storage problem are under consideration.

7.Planning Application: 21/20279/FUL Ty Illtyd, solar panel on garage. House is Grade 2 listed. No objections. Clerk to action.SD

8.Powys County Council Matters None

9.Cheques, budget v actuals and bank reconciliation for approval.

- 01/11/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

Budget setting for 2022-23 at the next meeting, remembering the playground initiative. Now that wifi will be an essential component to the meetings budgetary provision needs to be made. Better equipment may also be needed, GW will look into. Funding for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The dog fouling signs are ready to be put in place.


10.Item concerning herbicide spraying via the County Councillor. Adjourned from July. No issue has since been raised at the Community Council level.

11.To consider reducing the total number of meetings a year. To be discussed and action agreed. Adjourned from July. Clerk to set out the meeting dates for the remainder of the year, as they are now and if the pattern was to change to every 2 months, starting with the first Thursday of January 2022. This information to be circulated for review and decision on 25th November 2021.

12.Report from the Human Resources Committee meeting 14/10/21. SD to circulate the up to date pay scales to the HR Committee when they are available from NALC. And to put pay on the next agenda or as an electronic decision if sooner.
CdeW praised the clerk for her work during the year and reiterated the Community Councils continuing support.

13.The Queen's Platinum Jubilee is to be celebrated with the lighting of beacons across the country on Friday 3rd June 2022. How will Llanfrynach Community Council celebrate? Several plans were discussed; tea party, a tea party to include Groesffordd and Cantref, a community-wide street party. Clerk to check if the Community Council can grant for the celebrations.

14.Many local authorities are playing an important role in the UK taking action to achieve net zero carbon emissions, and to protect and revitalise local wildlife and natural habitats.

Parliament in May 2019 declared an Environment and Climate Emergency [and this Council has  already declared a Climate [and Ecological] Emergency].

There is a Bill before Parliament—the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (published as the “Climate and Ecology Bill”), which, if it became law, would require the government to develop a strategy to address the emergency that would ensure:

the ecological emergency is tackled shoulder to shoulder with the climate crisis in a joined-up approach;

the Paris Agreement is enshrined into law to ensure that UK does its real fair share to limit global temperature rise to the most stringent end of the Paris agreement -1.5°C. 

Council therefore resolves to:

  1. [Declare an ecological emergency;]

    Support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill;

  Inform the local media of this decision;

  Write an open letter to NAME[s] MP[s] (shared with our residents through local and social media) urging them to sign up to support the Bill, or thanking them for doing so; and

Write to the CEE Bill Alliance, the organisers of the campaign for the Bill, expressing its support (joinus@ceebill.uk). 

Llanfrynach Community Council declines to take these actions. It will consider it's carbon footprint and implore the halls to do likewise. GW will draft a policy for Council to consider adopting on the next agenda.

15. Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 (for information) - mostly intended for principal councils. 
The provisions for Town and Community Councils are:

  • Electoral term to 5 years up from 4 years, that is the next election to be May 2022.

  • General Power of Competence from May 2022.  A power to allow more innovative spending from councils.

  • Qualifications involve Clerk's attainment, training of councillors and audit history for past 2 years.

  • Participation - Community Council should consider how to improve public participation (no date for implementation).

  • Hybrid meetings - May 2021 implementation.

  • Publication of minutes within 7 working days (by Friday of the week following meeting) – implementation April/May 2022.

  • Training report required by November 2022.

    The newsletter is the main form of public participation although gathering material from across the whole of the ward is the difficulty. Suggestions for items of a future issue include; a piece about climate change (GW), an update about the White Swan (CdeW), a playground update (RP) and the plans at Groesffordd Village Hall, the Llanfrynach & Cantref hall lights being switched on, the Jubilee Party (JW) and what's going on in Cantref.

16.To resolve to close the meeting to the press and public in accordance with Standing Order 1.b and the Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960, as the remaining item is likely to be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons stated in the resolution and arising from the nature of that business or of the proceedings. Resolved to close the meeting to the public.

17.To consider a submission to the Ombudsman. Adjourned from July meeting. Thanks to the Councillors and Clerk for their forbearance there are no further issues. Council unanimously resolved to close the item.

18.Correspondence -as listed on the agenda.

19.Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only). The Pumpkin Competition needs a sponsor (to go on agenda next time). A meeting between the owner of the White Swan and residents took pace, the owner is keen to get on but needs formal planning consent before he can. The revised TAN 15 on flooding has not changed the flooding issues for the owner (or the village). However there are new people in post at Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA)- hope for the future!

Date of next meeting is Thursday 25th November 2021. The venue will be announced.

There being no further business the Chairperson closed the meeting at 21.16pm