A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 4th February 2021 at 7.30pm via electronic media.


Ms Jackie Williams JW Mr Ray Powell RP

Mr Jason Palmer JP (technical difficulties) Mr Gary Watkins

Mr Charles de Winton CdeW (Chairman) Ms Kate Coton Wright KCW


In attendance: Three members of the public including the Internal auditor (PK).

Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD

1. Welcome All. Thanks to all for coming and welcome.

2. Apologies: Mr Ian Matthews, Mr Andrew Phillips and PCSO Daniels.

3. Declarations of Interest. None

4. Public Participation None

5. Minutes of the last meeting The minutes of the meeting which took place on Thursday 17th December were approved and will be signed when circumstances allow. Two amendments have been made. On page 1 “widows” should read “windows”, on page 3, item 21 “(same as 2020-21)” should read “(same as 2019-20)”.

6. Matters Arising are on the agenda.

7. Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach The hall will host the Police and Crime Commissioner's election and the Welsh Senedd election this year, should they take place.

The hall has received a grant of £3000 from Powys County Council.

8. Groesffordd Village Hall Management the newsletter is missing from the website. SD

9. Planning – 20/19369/FUL, 2 Cefn Cantref, new garage. No objections. SD

- 20/19349/FUL, Panneau Farm, sheep shed. No objections. SD

10. Powys County Council (PCC) Matters. None

11. To consider applications for the casual vacancies in Llanhamlach and Cantref wards – Mr Thomas Phillips was unanimously approved for the Cantref casual vacancy. PCC to be informed and Acceptance of Office completed. SD

12. Applying for funding for the playground initiative – A third quote is required the item is adjourned.

13. Cheques and finance statement for approval

- 1/2/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

- 1/3/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

- 4/2/2021 Grass cutting at Llanfrynach £550.00


14. Consideration of the financial appeals received in the last year. Appeals from Wales Air Ambulance, Brecon dial a ride, Brecon Advice Centre and Brecon Mountain Rescue were awarded £175 each. Appeals from NSPCC, Marie Curie and Bowel Cancer UK were declined. Recent work on Lechfaen well was commended and the clerk was instructed encourage the resident to invoice for small items of work done, in future. SD

15. Website launch is to be 5/2/2021. Photos of the councillors are needed for the website. Local information, like Bed and Breakfasts and other businesses are needed. KCW will add a disclaimer stating that the Community Council is not recommending these businesses, it is simply providing a free service for businesses. Further additions would be valuable, but can be made over time. KCW

16. The “White Swan”, a walk through a timeline to create a community plan. To be discussed and action agreed. This is a contingency plan. The first stage investigates until the end of May (grants and community pubs). The planning stage could be delayed due to COVID but would ideally run to September 2021. The idea is to develop a business plan of what could happen. The owner of the pub should be contacted now with current thinking, and requesting his intentions. There is concern that the owner may be in the process of selling the pub, and if that fails after 6 months the pub may be de-licenced. Also rats have been seen around the pub leading to speculation about it's state of repair. GW, KCW to draft a letter to this effect and SD to circulate and send.

17. The no-through road (the old road) at Groesffordd, clearance of the road to make it safe to walk on and a resident has raised the use of the old road by vehicles and illegal rabbit hunters. To be discussed and action agreed.

A resident has reported that the old road is the site of badger baiting. It was

suggested that the police and the RSPCA be alerted by interested parties. If possible witnesses should photograph the vehicles.

On the matter of the road cleaning – Powys County Council can be requested to

clean the road. SD to provide an email address for KCW, LF should be copied in.

18. Support for the flood group applying for a SSSI permit from NRW to plant willows along the banks of the Menasgin etc. To be discussed and action agreed . The flood group as suggesting the planting willows horizontally and coppicing hazel, using locally sourced trees at no cost. They also wish to apply to repair the block work. Agreement was unanimous. Approved.

19. The “no parking” signs in Groesffordd are due for removal. This has been an action on the County Councillor for about 12 months – there is no right to reserve a parking space on the road. KCW and JW to write to the Head of Highways in Brecon. KCW, JW.

20. At Llanfrynach, erosion of the sewage centre block is pretty bad underneath. To be discussed and action agreed. The pipe concerned is the sewage pipe by the river bridge where the centre block is badly eroded. A resident who lives near-by can provide photographs and contact details. The obligation is on residents to keep Dwr Cymru apprised. Clerk is to write a letter to Dwr Cymru and NRW, detailing the concern. SD

21. In the churchyard at Llanfrynach a councillor saw dogs fouling and owners not picking up. To be discussed and action agreed. Not an unusual occurrence, sadly, but the Church has received complaints from residents and visitors. “Naming and shaming” was considered. Four clear signs, stating that dogs must be kept on a lead and for owners to pick up after them, will be made by GW (the resident concerned will design the signs).

22. The noticeboard at Llanhamlach at Peterstone Court needs urgent attention. One of the hinges has broken. A volunteer will help mend it but another person is needed for the job. The volunteer mended the noticeboard but there is more to do – the back of the noticeboard needs replacing, the whole to be painted also. JW to contact a local person, who may be able to help. JW.

23. Approval for training for councillors and id photographs for the website.

Clerk to re-circulate the training opportunities for February. Courses for KCW (law),

GW (code of conduct and law) and JW (code of conduct) were approved.

Councillors were requested to make a photograph available for the website, some

have done so already.

24. Annual return 2019-2020 and the external audit report. The statement of accounts will be published with the report. The report is qualified. The following reason was given: That the notice of appointment of date for the exercise of electors rights was incorrectly displayed on the website. Council must ensure that the inspection period is properly advertised and allows for the correct number of days for inspection.

Two additional comments were made: Firstly that the staff costs, a stationery

allowance, should be taken off the clerk's salary for annual report purposes.

Secondly, a high level of reserves (1.1 times the annual precept for 2019/20) council

should consider this level of reserves and consider taking steps to reduce the level of

reserves if it considers it necessary.

The report and return were approved, but the clerk is to seek guidance on how to

improve. SD.

25. Correspondence-Covid 19 update (Powys Public Health Board) circulated. It was noted that there has been very little wastage of the vaccine. The support effort in the vaccine rollout has been immense and very effective. SD to publish the updates on the website. SD

26. Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only).

JW has been contacted by a resident complaining about the smell coming from a

nearby farm. The resident has been advised to keep a diary of occurrences and

then contact Environmental Health.

Lechfaen noticeboard is too difficult for some to use. CdeW will have a look.

A tree has fallen in the grounds of Groesffordd village hall and will cost £100 to

clear away. It was noted that the hall, like Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall

is due for financial support from the Community Council.

The Cariad defibrillator maintenance is not up to date in spite of repeated attempts

to get in touch with Cariad. This means that in an emergency the equipment might

not be ready.

Newsletters should be on the website.

KCW has created a face book page for the community council. Residents can apply

to join. KCW describes it as a secondary tool to the website.

A tree fell across the foul pipe (see item 20) over the Menasgin, big thank you to

Ricky who managed to dislodge it. An example of the community working together

to keep the Menasgin free. The NRW will have to be called in if locals cannot clear

debris. It was suggested that the community take note of logs making their way

down the Menasgin toward the river bridge.

27. Date of next meeting is Thursday 18th March 2021 by electronic media or otherwise.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm