A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 29th April 2021 at 7.30pm via electronic media.


Ms Jackie Williams JW Mr Ray Powell RP

Mr Gary Watkins GW Mr Thomas Phillips TP

Mr Charles de Winton CdeW Ms Kate Coton Wright KCW

Mr Ian Matthews (Chairman)


In attendance: One member of the public - the Internal Auditor PK, PSCO Alex Daniels AD,

Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD.

1. Welcome All.

2. Apologies: JP, AP, LF.

3. Declarations of Interest. None

4. Public Participation PCSO Alex Daniels reported on activities noticed by the police in the last month: 2 calls were made to the police, one concerning anti-social behaviour in Groesffordd and the other suspicious behaviour in Cantref.

Operation Sceptre is open at the moment, it involves education about knives and a knife amnesty.

There is a link available for CdeW concerning ANPR cameras. AD will update CdeW.

There have been incidents at Groesffordd Hall which have been reported to the police, residents are requested to report any more problems.

Issues at Peterstone Court have been resolved.

5. Minutes of the last meeting These were approved and will be signed by the Chairman when circumstances allow.

6. Matters Arising Item 10 (Cantref road quality), has been completed and the problem reported to Powys County Council.IM, SD.

Item 11. (playground funding)IM, CdeW and RP ongoing see item 11.

Item 16. (training) KCW to look into signal for the Hall.

Item 19. (bank mandate renewal) SD ongoing.

Item 20. (Letter to residents about garages) JP ongoing.

Item 23. Is used only for passing on information.

7. Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach The committee is waiting for quotes for the refurbishment work. The windows are to be replaced by Modplan. The committee are aiming for a July re-opening.

Ty bach is fine, still only one open.

The Senedd elections will be running in the hall next Thursday.

8. Groesffordd Village Hall Management JW and KCW will contact the hall supervisor, with a view to arranging a socially distanced meeting and discussing liaison arrangements. JW and KCW.

9. Planning None

10. Powys County Council (PCC) Matters. A resident in Groesffordd has approached the Council about a telecommunications pole on a pavement (put up on 22/4). Residents were dismayed to find that the pole had been creosoted – which may be a danger to children – and the wires have not been buried like the residents had been assured. SD to alert PCC and establish who to speak to at bt openworld.

11. Report on the playground initiative. VAT is reclaimable, the liaison will report next week.

12. Cheques, budget v actuals and bank reconciliation for approval.

- 4/5/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

- 06/03/2021 One Voice Wales (membership) £102.00


13. Moles are a problem in the playground, causing mess and difficulties with mowing. TP offered to trap the moles overnight, picking up the traps early the next morning. Councillors will cordon off an area and provide an alternative route for walkers if it becomes necessary.

14. Tenders for the Llanfrynach grass cutting contract to be discussed and one selected. CdeW offered his services on the same terms as last year (£550) which was approved by the rest of the council.

15. Tenders for the Groesffordd grass cutting contract to be discussed and one selected. TP suggested a name and council approved the choice, should he accept and should his rates be acceptable. KCW to send a link to the invitation to tender. TP, KCW.

16. Sign off resident's survey for community circulation. Council was content with the short survey (is Llanfrynach better with a pub?). Designed to establish local interest and subsequently enabling a steering group to be formed, if there is interest. KW and KCW to administer the survey after item 17 has been actioned.

17. Proposal to submit letter on behalf of CC to Mr Griffiths re an update on the White Swan. Clerk to email the letter to IM, leaving him to complete the address section and email the letter to the addressee. Clerk to send a hard copy of the letter early next week.

18. Correspondence- Ordnance Survey Questionnaire, unfortunately the Community Council were not given a time extension for this item and the closing date has passed. Clerk to find out more. SD

- VE day memorabilia, the lack of recognition of VJ day was noted. Llanfrynach Community Council decided not the purchase any memorabilia.

-Brecon Beacons Mountain Rescue Team thanked the CC for the donation.

19. Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only).

In keeping the CC informed, KCW has applied for a personal and premises licence.

20. Date of the annual general meeting is Thursday 27th May 2021 7.30pm at Groesffordd Village Hall.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45pm