The annual meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 27th May 2021 at 7.30pm in Groesffordd Village Hall.


Ms Jackie Williams JW Mr Ray Powell RP

Ms Kate Coton-Wright KCW Mr Ian Matthews IM (outgoing Chairman)

Mr Charles de Winton CdeW (incoming Chairman)

Mr Andrew Phillips AP Mr Jason Palmer JP


In attendance:

Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD

  1. Election of a Chairman Mr Charles de Winton was elected and signed the declaration of acceptance of office as witnessed by the clerk. Proposed by IM and seconded by RP. All agreed.

  2. Election of a vice-chairman. Ms Jackie Williams was elected, proposed by CdeW and seconded by RP. All agreed.

  3. Election of representatives:

One Voice Wales – KCW, some members wished to document that they felt the zoom training was a much better form of delivery.

National Parks – CdeW.

Liaison with neighbouring community councils – IM.

  1. Apologies for absence TP and GW.

  2. Declarations of Interest None

  3. Retiring Chairman's report It has been a challenging year but handled well by all. Several new members, thank you to them for joining.

  4. Public Participation None

  5. Minutes of the last meeting The minutes of the meeting on the 29th April were approved and signed.

  6. Matters Arising Item 13 – there are many stinging nettles in the playground.

Item 13 – the moles have been dealt with.

Item 8 – The managing committee are looking into video conferencing facilities for
Groesffordd hall.

  1. Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach The refurbishment continues, the windows are being constructed by Modplan and a builder is required to quote for additional items that have been identified. The AGM will be held on Tuesday 8th June 2021.

There has been a flood issue with the Ty Bach but that is sorted now.

  1. Groesffordd Village Hall Management - There has been some success in obtaining grant money – some £13K.

KCW will be a trustee of Groesffordd hall.
The parking issue has settled down.
A trustee has asked for meeting dates, these have been sent to him.

JP has asked to see the letter sent by Powys County Council to garage owners.
Rabbits have been seen in the hall grounds, if they become a problem they will have
to be dealt with.

  1. Planning Application 21/19942/FUL – Newton farm. This application should be dealt with by Scethrog not Llanfrynach Community Council. Brecon Beacons National Park Authority have been informed, no other action to be taken.

  2. Powys County Council Matters (PCC) Pot holes and water coming off the fields in Cantref are a problem. Cantref councillors were reminded to give grid references wherever possible to facilitate communication with PCC.
    PCC is already committed to solving the flooding near the old post office by Groesffordd.
    It is believed that the only bus service in Groesffordd is that for school children. That said the bin by the bus shelter should be moved and the Community Council will have that objective in mind.

  3. The insurance cover will be renewed with Zurich Municipal at £530.11. Approved. The amount will be confirmed next meeting. SD

  4. Cheques and financial statement for approval The cheques, payments and budget were approved.

- Clerk's wage & allowance 01/06/2020 standing order £432.60

- Zurich Municipal (Insurance) £530.11 (by letter)

  1. Appointment, remit of and report of the Internal Auditor. Mr Phil Kendrick was thanked for his commitment by the Community Council. Approved.

  2. Consideration of the Annual Governance statements. Approved.

  3. Signing of the Annual Return. Approved and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

  4. Dates of meetings for 2021-2022. Approved.

  5. Discussion of the Community Council's letter sent to the National Park in support of the proposal for the “White Swan”. Action to be agreed. After some discussion it was decided that CdeW would write to the owner of the “White Swan” when the survey results have been compiled. A further letter to residents is to be sent stating that the survey is from the community council and communications from other sources are not. The Community Council will correspond with the BBNP if there are any specific issues which are brought to our attention following the survey.

  6. Correspondence- Thank you for the donation from Wales Air Ambulance.

    • Hope House request for support. Clerk to put aside for precept considerations. SD.

    • Letter from Brecon Advice Centre thanking the Community Council but informing us that the donation cheque was unsigned. Clerk to reissue the cheque. SD.

  1. Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only).

Clerk to circulate HR appraisal form to all ready for the HR committee meeting 22/7/21 at 7pm in Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall. SD.

There has been a letter about the sewer cleared recently – it had been blocked with WET WIPES. The information will be placed on the website.SD

The newsletter format may change in the future, to include a letter from the Chairman. Only 300 copies are needed.

  1. Date of next meeting is Thursday 22nd July 2021 at Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.01pm.