A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 25th November 2021 at 7.30pm at Llanfrynach & Cantref Community Hall and by electronic media.

Technical problems restricted the use of technology at the meeting, nevertheless a remotely viewing councillor was able to participate.



Ms Jackie Williams JW Mr Charles De Winton CdeW(Chairperson)

Kate Coton Wright KCW Mr Ray Powell RP

Mr Jason Palmer JP Mr Gary Watkins GW

Mr Andrew Phillips AP


In attendance: Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD and Mr Phil Kendrick Internal Auditor.


Welcome All.

Apologies: IM.

1. Declarations of Interest. None

2. Public Participation Powys Pride were unable to send a representative to attend and although the Brecon Beacon National Park representative could use electronic media to attend the meeting, she not present to the council as planned. It was decided to defer her presentation until the 6th January 2022.

3. Minutes of the last meetings The minutes of the Human Resources Committee meeting on the 14th October 2021 and the meeting of 14th October 2021 were approved and signed.

4. Matters Arising None

5. Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach The lack of availability of the services of an electrician has led to a hold up. However the building work is almost finished and the painting can start. It seems that a new roof will be required in 5 years time and that this will need a considerable amount of money at that time. Internet connections are being considered.

Ty bach has had successful “running repairs”.

6. Groesffordd Village Hall Management The grass cutting has been well received but the hedge still needed cutting early this week. The contractor has been contacted. The plan for an extension has had to be put aside as costs have nearly doubled recently. An alternative plan is being considered.

7. Planning Application: None

8. Powys County Council Matters On the road through Llanfrynach, between the playground to the pond, on both sides, there is a buildup of compost and small trees effectively narrowing the road. The clerk is to write to Powys County Council and request a crew to remove the debris.SD

Litter bins are requested for the area by the public toilets and the area by the red “telephone box” .The clerk is to make clear that the Community Council is willing to pay for the upkeep of the bins, if it is not too much. SD

The drains in the village need cleaning and a cleaning schedule is requested. SD

Clerk is to request tree planting guidance from PCC.SD

9. Cheques, budget v actuals and bank reconciliation for approval.

- 01/12/2021 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

- 01/01/2022 Clerks wage & stationery allowance £432.60so

- 25/11/2021 Grass cutting at Llanfrynach Park £600.00

- 25/11/2021 Grass cutting and hedge at Groesffordd £1080.00

- 25/11/2021 One Voice Wales (training) £30.00

- 25/11/2021 Wicksteed playground inspection £103.20

- 25/11/2021 Internal Audit £60.00



10. To consider items likely to have an impact on the budget for 2022-23 ready for the preparations supporting the precept request at the end of January. The playground refurbishment, the plan for the new roof for Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall. (LCCH).

This financial year, budget has been set a side for LCCH insurances but the management committee decided not to request the support. The Internal Auditor reduced his bill as the accounts were well organised leading to less time taken to evaluated them. These items will have a knock on effect on the budget for 22-23.


11. To consider reducing the total number of meetings a year. To be discussed and action agreed. Adjourned from 14th October 2021.

Council resolved to reduce the number of meetings in the year. From May 2022 meetings will be held every 2 months, with extraordinary meetings as required; the first Thursday every other month.


12. The clerk's pay is linked to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) pay scales, these have not yet been finalised for 2021-22. For information only. The Clerk's pay is linked to national pay scales which have not been finalised yet.

13. The Queen's Platinum Jubilee is to be celebrated, Llanfrynach Community Council could, under certain circumstances, support the celebrations if requested to do so. The Queen's Green Canopy – a UK wide tree planting project – council resolved to plant 5 trees, one for each community in the ward, with 5 accompanying plaques. Positioning of the trees will be arranged with each community. Council wishes to support the celebrations in each community.

14. An ecological policy has been drafted by GW. To be discussed and the policy adopted. The policy has been drafted by GW, and will be considered for adoption at the next meeting. GW was thanked for his work. Adjourned.

15. A Councillor has requested training (GW - The Council). Approved.

16. The Council's meetings are now, by law, hybrid. They must be face-to-face and be presented electronically. This raises some issues; what if a wifi connection at one of the two halls in the ward cannot be secured and how could the people joining on zoom be drawn to the attention of Chairman and Clerk? Hybrid meetings are difficult to accommodate but best efforts will be made.

17. A new issue of the Newsletter has been prepared (For information only).

No material has been made available for the issue. Instead a round-up of the year, in the form of a letter from the Chairperson, will be distributed. It will include; hall updates, pub, Church Services, each community update, memories of the well, Christmas in the communities, a special thank you to a resident actively involved in the community and the pumpkin competition results.

18. Powys County Council are awarding grants of up to £7000 for community projects. To be discussed and action agreed. For a herb garden in the Church yard, new recycled plastic seats for outside the public conveniences. A copy of the information is to be sent to JP.SD

19. Groesffordd bus service, an appeal for it's reinstatement from a Councillor. And an appeal to improve the bus service to Llanfrynach, from another Councillor. A survey is to be sent to each Groesffordd resident asking the following 2 questions, “Do you want a bus service?” and “Would you use a bus service?”. Further questions may also have to be asked. GW to assist JP.

20. Correspondence – Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA) management plan consultation is to close 27th February 2022. To be considered at the next meeting.

- Powys County Council play equipment grant offer up to £15,000.

- Wales Air Ambulance Appeal- to be considered at precept meeting.

- A councillor has resigned. The Chairperson thanked the Councillor, stating that KC-W had made a significant contribution to the Community Council, it is grateful for her help and support.

21. Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only)

A request has been made for the community council to support a children's Christmas party. Internal auditor, Councillors and Clerk pointed out that a formal process would have to be followed if this were to take place, including a specific agenda item to be debated at the next meeting.

Date of next meeting is Thursday 6th January 2022. The venue will be announced.

There being no further business the Chairperson closed the meeting at 21.20pm