May 2020 to May 2021

Minutes of the Human Resources Committee Thursday October 14th 2021 Via Electronic Media and face-to face at Llanfrynach & Cantref Community Hall


Present: Mr Charles de Winton(Chairman)

Mrs Jackie Williams JW

Mr Ray Powell RP

Mr Jason Palmer JP


In attendance: Sue Dale (Clerk) SD.


  1. Confirmation of the HR committee – JW and CdeW

  2. Election of a Chairperson – CdeW

  3. Apologies for absence: IM


  4. Declarations of interest in the items below: None


  5. Consideration of the Clerk's job performance:

The aim of the appraisal is to:

- Assess past performance and pay level

    • Improve future performance if appropriate

    • Assess training and development needs if appropriate


The appraisal compared performance with job description. The overall rating was 29 of 30. The Clerk noted that One Voice Wales has a IT training module and it was agreed that Council would be advised to send the Clerk.


4. Consideration of the Clerk's pay:

The Clerk's pay (£432.60, including £15 stationery allowance) is in line with the

National Association of Local Councils' published pay scales. However the new

payscales for this year have not yet been published. This item to be reviewed by

council when the scales are available.


5. Any other human resources business.
The Chairman asked why the Clerk chose to work for the Council. Clerk responded
that she liked the council and admired their campaigns.


6. Date of next meeting : To be decided