A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 9th July 2020 at 7.30pm via electronic media

Ms Jackie Williams JW Mr Ray Powell RP
Mr Ian Matthews (Chairman) Mr Jason Palmer JP
Mr Charles de Winton CdeW
In attendance:
Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD

1. Welcome All. Thanks to all for coming and welcome.
2. Apologies: PCSO Alex Daniels
3. Declarations of Interest None
4. Public Participation None
5. Minutes of the last meeting The minutes of the meeting and the annual meeting
which took place on the 28th May were approved (three minor amendments were
made to the ordinary minutes before approval) and will be signed when circumstances
6. Matters Arising None
7. Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach The Annual General
Meeting and an ordinary meeting will be held on Thursday 16th July 20. The
committee are looking at September for re-opening the hall and are hoping to be able
to open the Ty Bach earlier.
8. Groesffordd Village Hall Management – The Hall Trustees are looking to re-open
the hall to users in August but have yet to establish a “deep clean” protocol.
9. Newsletter update-setting a date for the next edition. The next edition will be
for Christmas, a lockdown issue to capture the experiences and photographs of
residents. Councillors will contact the community facebook accounts around the ward.
Items can to be submitted to the clerk: sue.dale@llanfrynach-community.org.uk by
10.Powys County Council Matters None
11.Council wishes to discuss a letter from the Community Council, proposed by
the Flood Group and intended for Natural Resources Wales. During Storm
Keira and Storm Dennis the blockstone which formed part of the flood management
on the Menasgin was dislodged. The Flood Group seeks to challenge NRW's view that
nothing can be done. The Community Council are not content to send the letter as it
is and ask the Flood Group to re-draft, CdeW is willing to help or complete.
12. Cheques and financial statement for approval The cheques and payments
were approved.
- Clerk's wage & allowance 01/08/2020 standing order £421.40
- Clerk's wage & allowance 01/09/2020 standing order £421.40
- Brecon Advice Centre £100.00
13. Update, if available, for the Police CCTV initiative. Adjourn.
14. Powys County Council is preparing for the re-opening of shops along High
Streets in the County. Provision is being made for “covid safe” free parking.
Some free parking will still be available. Clerk to write to PCC “we have concerns that
free parking will disappear and seek reassurance that these are temporary measures”.
15.As part of the effort to improve communication between Community
Councils and the County Council the Leader of Powys County Council has
invited Clerks to a meeting on the 15 th July. Are there any issues Council
would like raised? Council records that Powys needs a better funding deal.
16. Website procurement progress – any other organisations to be
5 organisations were selected and will now be sent the procurement document.
17.Confirmation of the Human Resources committee, currently included IM, RP
and JW. JP was nominated for membership of the committee.
18.Review of the Asset Register, the Reserves Analysis and the Risk Analysis.
Legal fees in the Reserves Analysis document were raised from £1000 to £2000 on
19. Correspondence-
– Email appeal from Bowel Cancer Research – consideration at precept
– Email volunteer appeal from Tir Dewi Charity – CdeW volunteered
– Email appeal from NSPCC – consideration at precept
– Email appeal from Marie Curie – consideration at precept
20.Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only).
RP has spoken to some parents in Llanfrynach about the re-opening of the
playground, but as yet there is no news. A hedge needs cutting back which the
councillors will do. The playground has some older equipment and it may be a good
time to consider renewal or replacement. There are grants available if supported by
the community.
21. D ate of next meeting is Thursday 1 s t October 2020 by electronic media or
There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm