A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 4th July 2019 at 7.30pm in llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall

Ms Jackie Williams JWMr Charles de Winton CdeW
Mr Bill Burrows BBMrs Barbara Smith BS (Chairman)
Mr Steve Prothero SPMr Ray Powell RP
In attendance:
Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD

1.Welcome All.
Julie Lowe JL and Mr Ian Mathews IM
3.Declarations of Interest
4.Public Participation
Two members of the public were invited and attended the meeting, the Community Council's Agent for it's consent to maintain the Nant Menasgin and a member of the Community Flood Plan Team. See attachments.
5.Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of 22nd May 2019, the Annual General Meeting of the 22nd May and the Human Resources Committee meeting were signed.
6.Matters Arising
Item 11, Clerk to inform the Llanfrynach Village Design Statement team of the need to keep the project moving forward. SD
Item 12, the residents only parking signs in Groesffordd are to be removed by Powys County Council on Friday the 5th July 2019.Item 14, Clerk has found a copy of the deeds to Llanfrynach playing fields at Powys County Archives. Put on agenda for September.Item 16, Playground inspection 10th July 2019.Item 17, grant application was declined.Item 20, an Internal Auditor has been appointed for 2019-20.
7.Updates from the Community Council's Agent on the “White Swan” planning application including the recent amended Flood Consequence Assessment and from the Llanfrynach Flood Group on developing the Community Flood Plan (see paper). Discuss and agree action.
See attachments. A public meeting may be required, the Flood Management team will action if and when appropriate. The community owes the Agent (Dr M Bramley) and the Flood Management team a debt of gratitude for their activities in regards to the “White Swan” application. Insurance should be considered at the next meeting (September 26th). SD
8.Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach review.
The contractor has almost completed the work on the back wall which had damp problems. The ventilators will need to be unblocked. Ty Bach has a blockage problem on-going, Dwr Cymru (and metrorod) have been consulted.
9.Groesffordd Village Hall Management.
All okay.
10.Powys County Council matters.
None raised.
19/17483/FUL and 19/17484/FUL Newton Farm.
No comment.19/17573/FUL Cantref Bunkhouse at the Held.
No comments.
12.As Santander Shareholders the council are invites to an extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders on 23rd Jul 2019 at 8.30am in Spain. Shareholders can also exercise their rights by post or online. Documents can be seen at www.santandershareview.com.
There was no wish to register a vote.
13.To discuss the report of the HR Committee on the Clerk's performance and pay.
Clerk instructed to carry on.SD
14.To consider funding the Clerk to go on a training course for advanced local government finance with OVW on 22/7/2019 at a cost of £50.
15.To review the actions of the clerk concerning the Council's comments about the “White Swan” planning application, to Brecon Beacons National Park Authority.
A complaint has been made that the Clerk did not register all comments from the Community Council. One comment “no comment” was not registered.
16.Update on data protection activities.
Old planning applications have been taken to Powys Archives in Llandrindod Wells. Archives will decide if they would like to keep them. Over the summer the Clerk will delete unnecessary email. SD
17.Confirmation of the vote taken on varying the usual conditions of the electronic vote.
Confirmation approved, clerk to record on the website. SD
18.Confirmation of the electronic vote allowed by item 17 - to send comments on the Flood Consequence Assessment. Of the “White Swan” planning application to the Brecon Beacon National Park Authorities.
Confirmation approved, clerk to record on the website. SD
19.Engagement of an Internal Auditor.
Approved. The Clerk is to meet with the new auditor later in July to schedule the audit for 2019-20. SD
20.Hay and Brecon cycle route update.
Noted, councillors commented that Greenway Farm was likely to be difficult as bats live in the tunnel there.
21.Cheque signing and financial statement for approval.
-Clerk's wage 1/6/2019 standing order £406.40
-Clerk's wage 1/7/2019 standing order £406.40
-- Clerk's wage 1/8/2019 standing order £406.40
-Groesfford grass cutting (½ year) £517.00
-Llanfrynach & Cantref Community Hall£1500.001
1.Clerk to draft letter of thanks to Mr A Hamnett for his service to the community council.
Approved SD
2.To discuss the advertising of the casual vacancy.
Notices to be placed on the three noticeboards (Llanhamlach, Groesffordd and Lechfaen), and in the two pubs if possible SD
1Approved but held back until the financial statement is forthcoming
3.To accept or not a councillors reasons for not attending meetings.
This item was unnecessary as the councillor was present.
Date for the playground inspection 10/7/19 9.00am see item 6,16. CdeW
5.Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only)
6.Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 26th September 2019 at 7.30pm in Groesffordd Village Hall.
There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00pm.