A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 26th September 2019 at 7.30pm in Groesffordd Village Hall

Ms Jackie Williams JWMr Charles de Winton CdeW
Mr Bill Burrows BBMrs Barbara Smith BS (Chairman)
Mr Steve Prothero SPMr Ray Powell RP
Julie Lowe JL Mr Ian Matthews IM
In attendance:
County Councillor Mr Liam Fitzpatrick LF, Mr Phil Kendrick PK, Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD, 2 members of the public.

2.Welcome All.
Thanks to all for coming and welcome. Mr Phil Kendrick has consented to be the internal auditor for the Community Council and was present.
JW had indicated that she would be late.
4.Declarations of Interest
BB declared an interest in item 13 (Brecon and Hay cycle route).
5.Public Participation
Two members of the public attended the meeting.
6.Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of 4th July 2019 were approved and signed.
7.Matters Arising;
Clerk to put the Playing Fields in Llanfrynach on the agenda for November 7th 2019.
Clerk's training has not taken place as she was unable to attend.
No interest in the community council vacancy at the moment, to be put on the agenda for next time.
8.Updates on the “White Swan” planning application and consideration of the council's insurance policy in the light of the Flood Consequence Assessment.
The insurer has not responded in time for the meeting. Item adjourned to the next meeting.
9.Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall & Ty Bach review.
The building work has been completed. Bank accounts stand (31/3/2019) at around £9700 and £2700 (reserves). Income has been slightly less than the previous year.
10.Groesffordd Village Hall Management.
Groesffordd Village Hall held an afternoon tea event and about 40 people attended. The tea was said to be “sumptuous”. Bank balances are £8356 (current) and £9034 (saving). A projector screen has been donated by Groesffordd Entertainments. An event about Otters is planned for the 17th October.
11. Powys County Council matters.
LF remarked that it had become difficult to get anything done. For example, the garaging and parking actions in Groesffordd have still not been completed. LF apologised and hoped that the actions would be completed soon. 2 Councillors have resigned from Cabinet.A 7-8% rise in Council Tax is being considered.Major issues are not being address, for example school transport and the disposal of the Powys County Council estate.
19/17482/LBC – Councillors are sure that Buckland Hall is not in the Llanfrynach ward and offered no comment.
13.Millbrook Traffic signs.
There have been serious accidents where people have used the access lanes in the central reservation. Clerk instructed to contract the truck road agency as the matter is beyond Powys County Council.
14.Hay to Brecon cycle route and update as been requested.
They group are taking the path in sections and are not looking at the Groesffordd sections yet. Councillors noted that Greenway Farm was likely to be difficult for them as the tunnel there houses bats.
15.One Voice Wales invitation.
To attend their annual conference and annual general meeting on 5th October 2019Pafiliwn Bont, Stryd y Bont, Pontrhydendigiad SY25 6BB at 9.30am, at a cost of £100. Councillors cannot attend the conference and AGM but JL volunteered to be the representative. Clerk to inform OVW.SD
16.Amendment to the Clerk's Job Description following this year's appraisal.
Amendment to read “ the clerks maintains good working relationships within council and beyond”. Amendment accepted.
17.Newsletter plans for the autumn issue.
Newsletter articles should go to JW now for the Christmas issue. JW. The shearing article, doctors request service, Blue Badge advice and links.
18.Cheques and financial statement for approval
- Wicksteed inspection £85.20
- Clerk's wage 01/09/2019 standing order £406.40
- Clerk's wage 01/10/2019 standing order £406.40
- Jamie Clinton 26/09/2019 grass cutting at Groesffordd £517.00
- Reg 123, internet service provider (dd) £86.26
– Brecon Advice Centre annual report and accounts – Noted and kept for the precept.
- Brecon and district disabled club request for funding – Noted and kept for the precept.
- Police and crime commissioner report and newsletter – Noted
20.Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only)
-Rural crime problems, Clerk to ask for a Police representative to attend next time. SD
-Archives have decided not to keep the planning applications, Clerk will go and pick them up. SD
-The new MP should be invited to watch next meeting. SD
-A race night and music bingo will be held in the Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall before Christmas as well as the Christmas Bazaar.
-Water pressure can be intermittent in Cantref residents are urged to keep diaries of their mains water problems.
-Also there is a lot of traffic coming up Bailey Helig Hill.
21.Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 7th November 2019 at 7.30pm in Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall.
There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.25pm.