A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 19th December 2019 at 7.30pm in Groesffordd Village Hall

Ms Jackie Williams JWMr Ray Powell RP
Mr Bill Burrows BBMrs Barbara Smith BS (Chairman)
Mr Steve Prothero SPMr Charles de Winton CdeW
Mr Ian Matthews IMMr Jason Palmer JP
In attendance:
Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD, Mr Phil Kendrick (Internal Auditor)PK

1.Welcome All.
Thanks to all for coming and welcome.
3.Declarations of Interest
CdeW and JL declared an interest in item 13 an appeal for funding from Llanfrynach and Cantref Hall.
4.Public Participation
PCSO Jackson will attend the January meeting with a colleague.
5.Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of 7th November 2019 were approved and signed. The Internal Auditor noted that it was the grass cutting contract for Groesffordd which had caused the qualified opinion in the external audit.
6.Matters Arising
Noticeboard in Llanfrynach bus stop has rotted.
7.Consideration of a new Community Councillor for Llanhamlach Ward.
Mr Jason Palmers appointment was approved and he was welcomed on to the community council. SD to notify Powys County Council.
8.Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall.
There was a good winter fair, whilst some money was raised the event was primarily for the community. The weather proofing seems to have been effective but the guttering needs cleaning.
9.Groesffordd village hall management.
A Trustees' meeting was held on the 13/11/2019, a long standing trustee resigned so more trustees must be appointed. The hall committee are raising charges slightly. Electricity charges are to be looked into. Some new cups and saucers are to purchased under general building maintenance.
10.Powys County Council matters.
The B448 has many pot holes between the two Llanfrynach junctions. Tregaer Road has a blocked drain on the junction and another by the entrance to Ty Mawr (playing field side). Clerk to notify Powys County Council. SD. The parking issue at Groesffordd has so far frustrated community Councillors attempts at resolution, Powys County Council Legal Branch permission is required before progress can be made.
Councillors noted that the result of the “White Swan” planning consultation is likely to be in February/March.
12.Ty Bach Review and maintenance for the Ty Bach fascias, as the Community Council owns the Ty Bach will it pay for the maintainance?
Item to be adjourned and quotes are to be acquired for the next meeting 23/1/2020. JW
13.The Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall has submitted an appeal for financial help together with a supporting financial report. To be discussed and action agreed.
£1500 approved.
14.To consider the Santander Dividend Re-investment plan or sell the shares to simplify the finances.
Council resolved to sell the shares, Clerk to action. SD
15.Community Councils cannot give to Churches (Local Government Act 1894 s8 I). But there may be another way to contribute, should the Community Council wish to. To be discussed and action agreed.
A Church would need a separate account to raise money for the specific issue and even then the Community Council would have to check that a donation would not be unlawful.
16.Cheques and financial statement for approval
-Clerk's wage 01/11/2019 standing order £406.40
-Clerk's wage 01/12/2019 standing order £406.40
-Newsletter printing 19/12/2019 cheque £110.80
1.Approving the budget and precept request for 2020-21 and the appeals for 2019-20.
The budget was approved, the precept request resolved at £13000 (the same as last year). Appeals were heard from Dial a ride (awarded £160), Brecon Advice Centre (awarded £160), Brecon Mountain Rescue (£160), Lechfaen Well (£160), Wales Air Ambulance (£160), Dyslexia Support Powys (not awarded), Urdd (not awarded).
Funding for future projects to be ring-fenced that the community council are considering are; traffic cameras to track stolen property, playground equipment, noticeboards (for this financial year) and supporting the halls. SD
2.Water pressure in Cantref to be discussed and action agreed. A councillor has kept a diary.
Item no-longer required by Councillors.
-Police and Crime Commissioners Survey, to be circulated. The Community Council wished to support the £2 increase option.
-Powys Pride event 27/6/2020 – to be put on all noticeboards.
1.A bench and larger noticeboard for Cantref is proposed by a councillor, Lechfaen noticeboard needs repair or replacement also, to be discussed and action agreed.
Quotes to be sought for these a bench in the playground and a replacement board for the bus stop in Llanfrynach. Item to be put on the January agenda. SD
2.A self-funded Christmas meal is suggested for January.
The “Old Ford Inn” is to be asked to supply a menu. Clerk to circulate options and dates. SD
3.Review of the newsletter recently published.
Whilst great efforts were made to include items from the whole community, items coming from Llanfrynach dominated the issue. It may be that there is only enough material for 2 issues a year, if that. Collecting advertising may be a possibility, news from the community council another, for example donations to local causes.
4.Grant request and supporting financial details to be submitted by Groesfordd Village Hall.
5.Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information only)
JL has resigned from the Community Council and the vacancy will have to be advertised on the noticeboards and website.
The open rubbish bin by the bus stop in Groesffordd is being used by dog walkers to bin their dog waste. This practice is unpleasant for the people who use the bus stop, particularly the school children. To be put on the agenda for January.
6.Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 23rd January 2020 at 7.30pm in Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall.
There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm.