A meeting of the Community Council took place on Thursday 17th January 2019 at 7.30pm in Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall

Ms Jackie Williams JW
Mr Steve Prothero SP,
Mr Ian Matthews IM
Mr Ray Powell RP
In attendance:
County Councillor Liam Fitzpatrick, LF, Ms Sue Dale (Clerk) SD
JW was elected Chairman for the meeting.

1.Welcome All.
PCSO Emma Jackson EJ, Mrs Barbara Smith BS, Mr Charles De Winton CdeW(Chairman) Mr Tony Hamnett AH, Mr Bill Burrows BB.
3.Declarations of Interest
4.Public Participation
5.Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of 13th December 2018 were approved.
6.Matters Arising.
7.Llanfrynach & Cantref Community Hall and Ty bach.
Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall is seeking funding for correcting the back wall. Ty Bach is up and running.
8.Groesffordd Hall Management
No news at present.
9.Newsletter feedback.
LF has heard that the Christmas edition of the newsletter was particularly colourful and well liked. Too many copies were produced (500) even though printing this many seems to save the Community Council money, it feels wasteful. JW to speak to the printers about the situation. SD to provide the number of households. JW, SD
10. Village Design Statement update.
The group met on the 9th January 2019. A gmail account has been set up to
receive photographs of valued aspects of Llanfrynach Village. In the spring,
after a further meeting on the 13th March, the group will arrange a workshop to
gather all the pictures together and display them for the villagers to comment
11. Groesffordd Parking Update.
One disabled parking bay is being removed, the proper procedure must be
followed. The County Councillor insists on fairness to all residents. Powys
County Council's Highways will also be removing the “Parking for Residents Only”
12. Powys County Council matters.
The County Councillor explained that this is budget time for Powys County
Council as well. A 12.5% increase is being suggested. Even so there will be
many cuts, including 50 job losses. He asked the Community Councillors for
their view on the 12.5% increase in Council tax – they were unanimously against
13. Speedwatch Update.
EJ has reported that 2 volunteers are not enough to run the scheme, a minimum
of 3 is required. Any resident wishing to take part in the scheme please let your
Councillor or the Clerk know soon.
14. Cantref noticeboard has been damaged by bad
The 3 quotes were acquired. D.Mark C. Phillips of Cantref were selected. Clerk
to make the arrangements. SD
15. The General Data Protection Regulation Act.
No progress this time.
16. External Auditor Report for approval.
The audit opinion was unqualified. However, some office expenses were
misattributed to salary. These must be reallocated in the next audit. High
reserves were identified and the Community Council was advised to consider the
situation in future. Approved.
17. Christmas Dinner arrangements
SD to finalise arrangements. SD
18. One Voice Wales Membership renewal
£90 Agreed
19. Vire £600 from election expenses to
new/replacement equipment (the cantref noticeboard)
and £500 from election expenses to hall grants.
20. Consider donations for the financial year 2018-19.
Wales Air Ambulance £100, Dial-a-ride £100, Brecon Advice Centre £100, Brecon
Mountain Rescue £100, Lechfean Well appeal £100. Leaving £300 in the budget
for the remainder of the year. Approved.
21. Set and approve budget and precept request for
The precept request was approved at £13000. Some funding is planned for
Groesffordd Village Hall and Llanfrynach and Cantref Community Hall for their
on-going projects.
22. Consider the pay increase from the National
Association of Local Councils (from £9.808 to £10.16
from April 2019)
23. Consideration of an application for the Cantref
Community Councillor vacancy.
Approved, assuming the qualifications are met.
24. A local farmer has complained to a Councillor
about dog fouling on his land, to be discussed and
action agreed.
The problem was acknowledged by councillors. Livestock become diseased by
infected dog faeces potentially costing many hundreds if not thousands of
pounds to the farmer. Residents are urged to worm their dogs regularly (with a
product containing PRAZIQANTEL), to always pick up after their dog and not to
allow their dog to scavenge sheep carcasses.
25. Council has been asked to be a reference for an
agent of the council, to be approved
26. Cheques signing and financial statement
- Clerk's Pay (standing order January) £364.80
- Clerk's Pay (standing order February) £364.80
- S Dale, Land registry enquiry costs £33.00
- Newsletter Printing (approval only) £110.00
- S Dale, renewal of membership One Voice Wales £90.00
Cheques were approved but not signed as only one signatory was
1. Correspondence .
- Brecon and Radnor Area Committee meeting for One Voice Wales, 18th
January 2019 7pm
- Brecon Beacon National Park Sustainability Consultation until 31st January
2019. Details are available on the Brecon Beacons National Park website.
1. Any Other Business (to be used to pass on information
The issue of the garages at Groesffordd was raised. It has been a long time and
it is still not settled. To be agenda-ed for February.
2. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 28th February 2019 at
7.30pm in Groesffordd Village Hall
There being no further business the chairman closed the meeting.